Benefits of Circuit Training for Runners

A digital artist and entrepreneur, Amanda Volovik enjoys spending her time away from work volunteering at the Nevada Humane Society. Additionally, Amanda Volovik lives an active lifestyle. She practices martial arts, runs, and regularly does circuit training.

Running requires significant stamina and strength. Runners can improve their performance with circuit training, which involves doing high-intensity exercises as part of an aerobic and strength-training regimen. The benefits include the following:

1. Building lean muscle mass and burning more calories per minute than traditional strength-training and aerobic activities.

2. Correcting structural imbalances to develop running-specific strength. This particularly helps injury-prone and inexperienced runners.

3. Increasing overall flexibility, athleticism, and strength.

4. Spending less time (up to 20 minutes) training the entire body. This benefits those with limited time to exercise.

5. Enhancing ligament and tendon strength as well as bone density.

6. Boosting cardiovascular strength with the reduction of rest time between sets.

7. Increasing running speed with a circuit training routine that alternates running with bench step-ups and core-strengthening exercises.