About Amanda Volovik

3Amanda Volovik owns and operates her own part-time creative business focusing on the digital arts. She began working with animation in 2008 and taught herself to use a multitude of industry-standard multimedia software platforms. From animation, Amanda Volovik transitioned to still art composed through digital image manipulation. Her work features many different perspectives and techniques. However, it is all tied together by a dynamic and unique use of color that echoes impressionistic and abstract pieces.

Aside from her engagement with the arts, Amanda Volovik has extensive sales and administrative experience. Over her career, she has served such major businesses as Harley Davidson Credit, the Hartford Insurance Company, and Microsoft. Most recently, she worked for J.C. Penney as a sales associate, a position that afforded her the opportunity to hone her customer service skills.

An animal lover, Ms. Volovik volunteers with the Nevada Humane Society, from which she also adopted two dogs and a cat. For entertainment, she enjoys reading classic literature like Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.


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