Benefits of Circuit Training for Runners

A digital artist and entrepreneur, Amanda Volovik enjoys spending her time away from work volunteering at the Nevada Humane Society. Additionally, Amanda Volovik lives an active lifestyle. She practices martial arts, runs, and regularly does circuit training.

Running requires significant stamina and strength. Runners can improve their performance with circuit training, which involves doing high-intensity exercises as part of an aerobic and strength-training regimen. The benefits include the following:

1. Building lean muscle mass and burning more calories per minute than traditional strength-training and aerobic activities.

2. Correcting structural imbalances to develop running-specific strength. This particularly helps injury-prone and inexperienced runners.

3. Increasing overall flexibility, athleticism, and strength.

4. Spending less time (up to 20 minutes) training the entire body. This benefits those with limited time to exercise.

5. Enhancing ligament and tendon strength as well as bone density.

6. Boosting cardiovascular strength with the reduction of rest time between sets.

7. Increasing running speed with a circuit training routine that alternates running with bench step-ups and core-strengthening exercises.


“Heart of the Sea” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

Wonderful midnight blues!

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

As Ray deals with the hard news of a baseball sized brain tumor, I, his wife, am adding some of his works for public availability / purchase to offset some of the expenses and costs of his costly procedures.

His latest….
“Heart of the Sea”
Original was spray paint on canvas.

Prints now available of this and they are signed and ready to frame.

If you would like to order anything from his Etsy shop that would be a huge help to us right now to offset some expenses. You can use Coupon Code ART50 during check out to save 50%.

Ferrer - Heart of Sea

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Don’t Spread Your Love Too Thin

Drew Chial

Sometimes a writer doesn't have enough love to go around. Sometimes a writer doesn’t have enough love to go around.

The Flash Fiction Fling

A writer who flirts with several forms of writing at the same time is in a polyamorous relationship with each of them.

Flash fiction has no delusions about its role in the relationship. It knows the wordsmith is just looking for a ‘one write stand,’ a moment of passion in a micro medium. Flash fiction doesn’t mind when a writer forgoes first act foreplay and dives right into the action. It isn’t surprised by the premature punctuation before a resolution. It knows that once its 300 words are up the writer will be on to the next one. Wham bam publish ma’am.

The Short Story Shrug Off

A short story might get a little more optimistic, surprising the writer with new ideas the moment they were going to call it quits. The short story plays with…

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