Paris de nuit

Paris de nuit

With the publication of Paris de nuit the name “Brassaï” became famous and he was soon mingling with high society, photographing intellectuals, politicians and the wealthy. This new fame also enhanced his status with his circle of café pals, including Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Alberto Giacometti and Jean Genet.

Brassai has always been a huge inspiration to me. His eye for atmosphere and lighting. Such a true talent. Some things you can not duplicate digitally but I feel I can learn a lot from traditional photographed art.


How I miss Easter Morning from my childhood

How I miss Easter Morning from my childhood

Many things were not perfect about my childhood. One thing I always looked forward to was Easter Sunday. My mother always made a giant goodies basket full of confections. It will always be one of my more fond memories. She did have a way of making holidays memorable.